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Hackensack, NJ December 28, 2020
Consigned with the Base Technology for supporting the Prognostics Analytics Business of Qualprean, Inc, the firm now boasts a minimal working production system and as such has got engaged on the design and implementation of Data Center for enabling start up production.

Hackensack, NJ December 14, 2020
Ramping up the production volume of the Industry Activity of Corporations Viability Analytics, the firm has started implementing as of today the expansion into 14 Job-Stations of the Mass Production Digital Job-Stations, having been previously evaluated as efficiency enhancing as to proffer relative higher productivity.

Hackensack, NJ October 27, 2020
In a bid for technology unification, the core of the Viability Analytics software has got abstracted into an Analytics Engine and now built upon to redevelop several of the technologies for both adopter and self- licensing.

Hackensack, NJ May 15, 2020
Negotiations are on-going on the founding of a Managed Adopter Venture with Company Business being the manufacture and Sales of Solar Hydro-Thermoelectric Power Plants for deployment in every community in the world.

Hackensack, NJ April 29, 2020
The firm started Marketing & Sales of its baseline service-product, Corporation Viability Analytics, with sending out its premier product brochure to participants of target markets segments.  Markets Participations are currently engaged on in the Financial industry, and the SMB Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Venture  Investment markets.

Hackensack, NJ January 29, 2020
Today under Pool Brokerage Licensing Agreement, an affiliate-developer consigned to the firm the software, Corporation Viability Analyze, First Edition, to support the firms Corporation Viability Analytics Business, currently in launch. A large scale software, it is packaged in several components; and all considered, the firm is able to perform the Viability Analytics of all corporations irrespective of the industry.

Hackensack, NJ August 15, 2019
The packaging of the Pool Brokerage of the firm has been completed and deployments of software already begun; and custom-computational analysis services should start as soon as the software deployment and testing are finalized. Meanwhile hardcopies of products are nonetheless still being produced, and are made available and can be accessed for consumption at Patreon-EnhKnow site

Hackensack, NJ July 26, 2019
Licensing A Biomedics Computations Platform
The affiliate and developer of the Computations Platform has communicated the readiness of the production infrastructure of the BioMedic s Computations Platform: Diseases Prognostic Predictive Analytics for licensing to an adopter that plans on using the platform internally to provide services to clients, and is slated to assume operations before early next year.

Hackensack, NJ May 18, 2019
Enhance Knowledge, has negotiated a self-adoption program, Pool Brokerage,  under which one-to-one one-time many services and one-to-many many-times services have been bundled together for the service of clients. Venture Development Workshops  have also been bundled into this group of services.

Hackensack, NJ January 31, 2019
EnhKnowTM (Enhance Knowledge LLC) has reached an agreement with its affiliates to deploy for the use of the group member-firms, computational platform, Biological Medical (BioMedic)Computations Platform for performing contract computations for clients engaged in medical and microbial research projects

Hackensack, NJ December 26, 2018
EnhKnowTM (Enhance Knowledge LLC) today launched its Venture [Development] Workshops that is presented in webinars. The launching starts off with the coming Live online of the first of the webinars: Fermentation Batch Process-Bioreactor Design Workshop. The firm plans to publish a total of about 100 webinars under this program.

Hackensack, NJ December 20, 2017
EnhKnowTM (Enhance Knowledge LLC) starts off its Adopter Venture Brokerage with the initiation of organizing, Edgewick BioPharmaceutical (Edgewick Corp) for the benefit of would-be public participation.

Hackensack, NJ December 11, 2017
EnhKnowTM (Enhance Knowledge LLC) starts off its Adopter Managed Startup-Venture Brokerage with the organizing of an SBU, EnhKnow Gas Company for the benefit of the technology owners.

Hackensack, NJ June 24, 2015
EnhKnowTM (Enhance Knowledge LLC) has been selected by the Corporations Group including Induss SoftWerks, LLC to become the sole Distributor of the SoftWerksTM brand of software products.

Hackensack, NJ June 8, 2015
Enhance Knowledge LLC has resolved to establish a brand  of Enhknow
TM from today, and operate mostly under the same brand as Trade Mark name.

July 26, 2013
In granting exclusive right of TechnologyIP Licensing to Enhance Knowledge LLC, the company has been delegated by the Coordinate Companies to provide conduit funding to Aningba Scientific Research, Inc  for the development of Wastes Biochemicals Biological Process Technology producing biochemicals and biofuels; further the company will license to Aningba Scientific, based on the logical designs of Induss SoftWerks, LLC, Machine & Process Control Servers software for integration into the Biological Process for the algorithmic control of the process technology, the development time-span of which is estimated at 4 years.

June 24, 2013
Okumaye Publishing Co, Inc has agreed to license through Enhance Knowledge LLC  bundle software package as per specification that Okumaye Publishing requires for conducting its Publishing and Business Operations. Enhance Knowledge LLC expects to starts delivering the software as soon as the foundational requirements are in place,  will undertake the physical design of some of the software using the logical designs of Induss SoftWerks, LLC,  and further expects to complete the delivery in 5 years.

April 3, 2013
Enhance Knowledge LLC has been delegated the role of Software Licensing Technology Broker for several "SoftWerks" brand-name software some of which are currently listed on the Induss SoftWerks, LLC website. In executing the role, the company will also develop and offer Virtual Product Presentations of the software products as the Product Seminars of Induss SoftWerks, LLC

Feb 12, 2013
Although still finishing up the fine details of the logistics of interfacing the technology IP brokering exchange and the brokerage operations of Enhance Knowledge LLC, the TechnologyIP Exchange, has nonetheless been put online even as it is being incrementally burnished and made accessible to developers, licensees and investors.

Hackensack, NJ Jan 14, 2013
Enhance Knowledge, having finally collected together the essential and critical tools and assets required for operating its Technology Brokerage business, is now finally preparing to open its days in 45 days to technology developers, technology investors, and technology adopter entrepreneurs and companies.

Sept 24, 2012
Enhance Knowledge has agreed and delegated to Induss SoftWerks, LLC the development and construction of the Technology Exchange integral to the technology brokerage business, and  consequentially also the development of all necessary mobile applications as will be needed by the technology broker staffs of the company, Enhance Knowledge, for effective transactional exchange of brokering information with the company and with its clients.

Hackensack, NJ June 4, 2012
Effective this day, the Enhance Knowledge LLC no longer offers Training Workshops in Photobioreactor Design and related Process Design matters. Biological Process Technologies related workshops are offered only to staff members of companies that have licensed such technologies from the Enhance knowledge.

Hackensack, NJ May 16, 2012
The Enhance Knowledge LLC has expanded its services to include Knowledge advancement through the provisioning of support for technologies developments by securing finances for such development. The support however is restricted to only one company with which Enhance Knowledge LLC is an affiliate.

Hackensack, NJ Mar 26, 2012
The Hosting Service of this website was changed on Saturday, March 24, 2012, and as a result some degree of inconvenience at accessing the site may have occurred, and we apologize for that.
The site is now online; however, we are still configuring the SSL but expect full functionality within the next three days - by Fri, Mar 30, 2012.
Thank you one and all for your patience.

Hackensack, NJ Feb 23, 2012
The registration process forms are now all fully functional and prospective attendees of our knowledge Impartation facilities may now be able to register without any difficulty.
Thank you one and all for your patience.

Hackensack, NJ Feb 20, 2012
The company with much regrets announces the cancellation of the February Technology Exchange and Broker Services due to the failure of communication between the Paypal Servers and this website in having payment button images sent to the Registration Forms.

Efforts to resolve the matter are ongoing and there is every expectation that the issue will be resolved for the Technology Exchange and Broker Services set for March, 2012

Hackensack, NJ
EnKnow Company schedules to hold its first ever workshop, Photobioreactors Designs Training, on Jan 24 - 26, 2012


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