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Shows have the object of bringing together technology developers who are seeking licensees to licence their technologies to, investors for getting their technologies

funded, seeking to have their concept-technologies funded through any one of Enhance Knowledge technology funding Trust-mechanism, or just to learn about the Technology Brokerage business.

In any case, Enhance Knowledge organizes Technology Shows also to show-case the Technology Licensing Listed by various Technology Developers for Technology brokerage services

The Technology Show is usually a two-day event held annually and is complemented with Roundtables Discussions and Arranged One-to-One negotiations between Technology Developers and Investors interested in a developer's technology, and also between technology Licensees and Technology Brokers of Enhance Knowledge.


Upcoming Conferences
Conferences are scheduled on an annual basis, and following are 2013 schedules.
 Biotechnology Investment Trusts
  Biological Process Ventures Development
 Call For Developer-Speakers
Enhance Knowledge encourages open-house participation in its Conferences and accordingly calls for papers from interested parties. Prospective Participants are encouraged to prepare a one page proposal on the Conference topic subject to the deadline:  Biotechnology Conference
July 1,2013

and submit the same by email to


or by regular mail to

Conference Management
Enhance Knowledge LLC
PO Box 1032
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