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Formation and Development:
Enhance Knowledge LLC is a New Jersey, US company legally organized in December 2011 and is a Bioengineering and Bionics Technology Brokerage firm fostering the growth of the Biological Industries by fostering the growth of bioengineering and bionics technologies industry. The initial tactics of the strategy execution adopted the thrust along the impartation of the underlying knowledge in a manner suitable for adoption within industrial projects.

However, early 2013, after about a year of operating along that thrust, the company redesigned its organization into Virtual Business Unit of Workshops Training and brokering of the technology between developers and industrial operations; with the former in representation of the original founding goal of technology dissemination by in-training impartation, and the latter for the realization of the founding mission by fostering the technology licensing into  target technologies.

In 2015, the firm then adopted as both Brand name and Trade mark name, EnhKnowTM, and to trade under that name as appropriate.

In effect then, Enhance Knowledge LLc, vis a vis EnhKnow, is in the business of Brokering Technology such that the company provides the services of Technology Licensing, Technology Proxy-Licensor and Licence Royalty Servicing. Of course, as the years go by the history of the company, with evolutionary growth, has become rich with services and clients seeking the services of the company, which the company also continually refine for the benefit of the clients.

Capital Structure:
The firm is organized with two-member structure: Common Member and Preferred Member. All equity are contained in the Common Membership. The Preferred Membership only proffers Financial membership and therefore allows for sharing of the profits of the entity. The Preferred Membership generally is accorded ten percent (10%) profit sharing, and is distributed amongst all participants of that class of membership.

Consequent on the Financial Sharing arrangement, Senior Executives of the firm are also deemed Managing Members, and are qualified to refer to self as such, even though without equity rights and no voting rights. Further the Preferred Membership granted is only valid through the duration of the employment, and is voided with separation from the firm.

Governance Structure
The Structure of the governance system on which the management of the firm rest is as delineated under the Governance provisions



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