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Corporate Management


The management team of the company is purposely kept lean to enable greater access to the clients, and participants for effectively developing all products in compliance with the primary vision and mission of the company.

The organization design has each Business-Group being managed through a Vice President & GM, while the Corporate Operations divisions are each managed through a Vice President, all of whom report to the Managing Director of the firm.

The Team:

Corporate Management:
Opubo G Benebo,
Exec Chairman and MD

Andersen Manual,

Pool Brokerage Management:
Opubo G Benebo,
GM - Corporation Viability Analytics

Adopter Brokerage Management:
Maria Orr,
Venture Development


Affiliate Companies
The company currently supports five affiliations by which it provides Technologies for licensing to adopters
Organization & Governance
 Brokerage Divisions
 TechnologyIP Exchange
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