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Quarterly Industries Activities

The firm selects from its operating Global Industry Context, during each quarter, for Viability Analytics a set of corporations of target Industries as projected by Economic analysis as most active, and hence defines the firms Quarterly active Industry Activities worthy of your a viewing


Client for Public Domain corporations data acquisition system

Corporation Viability Analytics


Corporation Viability Analytics is the flagship Business Unit of the Pool Brokerage Division of the firm and embodies a mechanism of the adopter pooling by which benefits of innovative technologies are made available to adopters whose need of the a specific technology do not necessarily require owning a unit of the technology.

The Business Unit at its core is a Data Analytics operations, in which  the firm performs computational viability analysis evaluating corporations viability, and designs of corporation based on the operating data of a corporation and strategic growth plans and financial resources.

Mostly without contractual obligations of neither the Management Team nor owner-Entrepreneur the analytics is performed for provisioning to and procurements by the stakeholders of the corporation who may be interested in acquiring the viability assessment of the specific corporation.

ReThinking Corporation Viability

Viability Analytics Features
Uniqueness of the Corporation Viability Analytics is explained through the services:

       Viability Analytics services

       Industry Activity

       Analytics Products Contents

more expansively in series of articles Business Knowledge Articles for the benefit of the stakeholders of corporations in general

Benefits to Investors

The Market Participation Analytics data are beneficial to investors who may by happenstance find a target corporation having been analyzed, because the data should proffer data that should provide some insight into the state of the participation of the corporation in its markets. Of course, the investor is left to self to make inferences and surmise conclusion at own's volition.

Benefits to Corporations

The Market Participation Analytics data, are beneficial to corporations that may find its participation analyzed as the data should proffer some insight into the state of the participation of the corporation in its markets, its competitive thrust, market size, etc, all of which gives the corporation an independent characterization of its participation in any one or more of its markets. Of course, leaving the corporate executive team to make inferences and surmise conclusion at volition.




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