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 Client-variant to the Digital Production Job-Stations used for Viability Analytics

Scoping Viability Analytics


Guide by the conceptual representation of Corporation Viability Analytics, a deeper insight is gained from the perspective that the Performance of a corporation is the facade of the result of integration of layers of performances. Viability Analytics then is the integrative analytics of these performance layers and their interactive dynamics both mutual and external, which have been packaged into such services: Market Participation Analytics, Business Analytics, Performance Analytics, Financial Assets Analytics, and Enduring Viability Analytics.

The viability of corporation effectively depends on several dependencies including Stability of the Market both in terms of the Supply Chains and Buyer Chains as determined by the role of the corporation within the market spectrum of the industry, Revenue vs. Cost Alignment, Strategic Growth Plans realization, and Raw Materials mix-optimization.

Viability Analytics critically and exhaustively evaluates these considerations together with other such corporation-specific factors with respect to the various Transition States of corporations.

Viability Analytics

Financial Assets Viability
 >> Market Participation Analytics
 >> Business-Operations Analytics 
 >> Business-Entity Viability Analytics
 >> Business-Enduring Viability Analytics
 >> Business-Existence Transitions Analytics
 >> Financial Assets Analytics

Viability Analytics Scope

The scope of the Corporation Viability Analytics that includes:

  • Market Participation Analytics
  • Business Analytics,
  • Performance Analytics
  • Financial Assets Analytics
  • Business Viability Analytics,
  • Viability Stability Analytics
  • Growth-Energetics  Viability Analytics

is constructed by the abstraction of the basic features of Break Even Analysis into a composite system of the sector performances of the entire corporation, that assesses the corporation internals synchronization for performance





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