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 Viability Analytics Digital Process Production Factory
Published: May 08, 2020 Original Media: This publication
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Although, most times it is advantageous to develop software for licensing to users, there are also times when software must be developed for deployment in-house, to provide a specific type of service. In effect in those times, the software is used as the production means of fulfilling the service; and at such a time one of the issues that comes up is the nature of the would-be infrastructure of the deployment of an otherwise unity-architected software.

In EnhKnow Technology Brokerage, one such challenge had to be addressed. Significantly the business being supported on the software, Corporation Viability Analytics, constituted a venture that has as company business the provisioning of purely computation-intensive service of  Investment Upvaluing- and Safety- viability analyses, and as with all ventures a production process needed to be designed.

After several operational considerations, a production system got designed based on workflow layout that is every bit consistent with Factory floors and Machine Tools Shops layout. The Analytics computational needs were reset based on a specific Job Routing Planning. Job Stations were then decided on and each Job Station designed as per the required computational need of the task. The layout that obtained finally is akin to Continuous Production Process with computation centers for Job Station, effectively producing a Digital Process Production Plant, vis-a-vis Computational Process Production Factory, consisting of a collection of computing systems each as a job routing stop and with partially finished work being moved automatically from one Job-Station to the next, and with the final computed set of analytics data produced at the last Job-Station.

Certain advantages attend this form of Digital Process Production Factory design. For one thing it is a digital implementation of the manufacturing concept of Division of Labour with the consequential high volume performance. For another it grants the flexibility of implementing Job-Station specific aggregation of multiple Job-Stations in constitution of seemingly single Job-Station. This option has the added benefits of production-load balancing and production leveling according to the performance-times of job-tasks

These advantages in terms of higher productivity, derivative of the careful design of the Digital Process Production System design as reflected in lower cost to the company, consequentially are benefits that by way of flow-through accrue to the clients using the services. The firm, EnhKnow Technology Brokerage, is particularly satisfied that it could at this time avail its clients with these benefits, and is committed to expanding these advantages over the coming weeks, months and years.
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