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Enduring Existence Viability Analytics
On any given day, corporations in the capital markets are engaged in capital impact transactions of one form or another such as Mergers & Acquisition, Restructuring, Capital-Raising and what-have-you. Each of these transactions, of course, impacts the enduring existence of the company in bringing about the known and anticipated results, or if you will, the intended consequences, of the transactions, but also brings about the unknowns or unintended consequences of the transaction - some of which would be beneficial and yet others of which would adversely impact the company. Generally some of the unintended possibly adverse consequences can be predicted with mathematical descriptions of the transactional impact on the company engaging in the transaction.  The expansiveness with which a description can predict the unknown and possibly adverse consequences, of course, depends on the description put forward for that purpose. In particular for any such description to be meaningful to the managing of the transactions, certain critical factors will have to be factored into the descriptions.

At a minimum, the impact on the Stability of the resultant corporation must be assessed, and which entails such analysis as the Supply Chains Analytics as well as Buyer Chains Analytics. In effect, the role of the corporation within the industry as both a supplier and a buyer must be extensively analyzed. In that regard, the alignment of Fixed costs with available Production with the organization structures is of critical analysis to the end of ascertaining guarantees of Enduring Viability. An important feature of such Description then is the often ignored Production Analytics of the company, then, of course the analysis entailed in such analytics is not trivial

Analysis and Scope
Embedded with the most extensive Production Analytics software component, the proprietary software, Corporations Viability Analyze, deployed into a Digital Process Factory for performing the analysis uniquely analyzes the Enduring Viability of corporations by the comprehensive and interactive analysis and chaining of the scope of functionality viability through market participation, Business Viability, Stability Analytics and growth energetic Analytics as delineated presently:

Business Continuity
Viability Analytics Scope

The scope of the Corporation Viability Analytics that includes:

  • Market Participation Viability Analytics
  • Business Continuity Viability Analytics,
  • Viability Stability Analytics
  • Growth-Energetics  Viability Analytics
Service Procurement:
The Analytics service is routinely performed for IPO-companies when the company begins its Road Show. The Analytics Data so generate are available as Industry Activity data.

Computed result of the viability analysis is generally delivered to the client in the form of a
Bound Paper-Back  Report as below: Contents of which are defined by the Scope as listed and delineated in Analytics Products.





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