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EnhKnowTM Data Center

The Data Center Factories:

 Data Intelligence Center
 Non-Public access  Data Center of the Marketing Department used for collecting, processing and compiling data.

 Cancer Registry DMS
 Data Center of the Pool Brokerage Division in use of self-Licensed technology for he support of Oncology Research

 Viability Analytics Center
 Non-Public access Data Center of the Pool Brokerage Division for the support of investors in need for making informed decisions on the viability of the companies in which they invest

 Technology Exchange MarketPlace
 Restricted public access Data Center of the Licence Brokerage Division for supporting technology Sales

 Technology Bank
Restricted public access Data Center of the Licence & Royalty Service Division for supporting technology consignment for administration

 Print Shop
 Non-Public access Data Center of the Administration Department used for printing and publishing all company documents.

 Government Suppliers Services
 Several non-public access Data Centers of various types including some of the above ones used to perform Contract works for the governments.


The EnhKnowTM Data Center, is a facility of hardware infrastructures, of designs to enable specific objects of operations of the Divisions. Often a Division leases, or asks for, specific infrastructure to be designed to supports target operations. The Data Center itself is not semi-autonomous as the Brokerage Divisions, but rather under the complete management oversight of the corporate governance.

The Date Center is the general company-wide data generating and computation facility implemented to support the data needs of all firm SBU-companies and computation-intensive production operations of Startup Ventures, prototyping the computation platforms of computations-based would-be ventures and computational validation of For-Brokering Technologies. Of course, the operations of each resident SBU consists only of the two Departments: Production and Administrations; the otherwise marketing and Sales Operations are extracted out into the related Brokerage Divisions.

The computation capacity which is key to the SBUs and Ventures  performances is provided through a Time-Share use of the Computing Systems.



 Computational Services

Services Scope
The facility provides several services including:

Time-share Computing Service
Platform Design Customization
Technology Computational Validation



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