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The [Adopters-] Pool Brokerage, is a Key Division of the firm,  and provides the facility by which the firm empowers adopters to use Special Proprietary Technology under the surrogacy of the firm for the benefit of the adopters.

For many technologies, uses by adopters of the technologies are intermittent. Some such technologies are often used just once or even infrequently and the adopters do not either perform repeat analysis or perform continual upgrade of the database contents. Then there are technologies requiring support data upgrade; these licensed technologies require frequent upgrade of supporting data, augmentation of the contents of a Database.  However, the data compilations and mining, required in some cases for licensed technologies, incur large enough upgrade costs and occur so frequently that it is better the cost is distributed amongst licensees of the technology rather than be borne individually with each upgrade.

For these and other situations, technologies are pooled together under Pool Technology Brokerage, through an abstraction of the pooling of the adopters by availing the benefits to several adopters, both client- and nonclient- adopters; however, some of these services are offered at no cost to client-adopters; and would-be adopters are advised to request for free consulting services as may be available.

Pool Brokerage Services
As Pool Brokerage, EnhKnow provides services to an abstract pool of adopters that addresses the need of clients, which services include

The firm, EnhKnow, provides the pool brokerage services to both client and nonclients adopters.

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