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Webinar Topic:  Fermentation Batch Process-Bioreactor Design

Webinar Workshop Contents
ShowTime: Daily at 12.00PM [Attendee Local Time]

More specifically, the webinar teaches the Computational Design and Analysis of Process Bioreactors with demonstration computations of the Formulae-set for

(1) Reaction Medium Characterization entailing the computations of the PhysicoChemical and Thermochemical Properties, and explanation of use of Transport Properties computed with the Green-Kubo relations as defined partially by the Rheology of the reaction medium, and kinetics characterization with Metabolic Control Theoretic CRMAK kinetics rate equations
(2) The Sizing of Bioreactors with custom developed mathematical description of reactor equipment sizing methodology
(3) The Mass and Thermal Diffusion Factors, and Heat and Mass Transfer Coefficients supported on the reaction engineering computations of the Transport Properties
(4) Substrates and nutrients consumption, and biomass growth, profiles in Process Bioreactors based on the Reaction Medium characterizations

Benefits Of Workshop:
Although computation intensive; and the computation software is embedded in the Slide generator software, the webinar proffers sufficient guidance to bioreactor designers to undertake such projects after the workshop.

The attendee can look forward to learning the structured computational designs of process bioreactors, including most o Bioreactor Equipment Sizing that takes into account such considerations as bottom cap sizing and headspace computations. Most of all the evaluation of the Nutrients Consumption rate and the complexities of the analysis are made lucid for the attendee to become readily well versed in that consideration as well.

Attendee may also submit written question related to the webinar and each of which would be replied within 24 hours of receipt of the email.



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