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 Bio-Reactions Chemical Kinetics
 Diseases Prognostic Analytics
 Humanmimetics System
 Bioactivity and Pre-Clinical Trial
External Support Systems

All Computations Platform are dynamically supported with additional External resources through the BioSynthesis Sequence Computations Pool Brokerage, thereby enable the calculations to be grounded in the most current science prevailing. These core components are provisioned by dynamic Replication Systems

The BioMedic Computations Platforms
The BioMedic Computations Platform is an integrated computing environment for performing all biology-related: Medical Biology, Microbiology, and Biotechnology, computation tasks. At the core of it is an integrated computing environment of Chemical Engineering Physics and all Biological Sciences. In that respect, the challenges often posed by the Biochemical Kinetics Analysis are extensively and comprehensively supported in the platforms described:

Bioreactions Chemical Kinetics Analyses Platform
Reactions Chemical Kinetics of the cellular reactions is essential knowledge in determining the prevailing Biochemical Reactions network, and is particularly useful in microbes acculturation towards the development of bioprocess bioreactors

Diseases Prognostics Predictive Analytics Platform
The Diseases Prognostic Analytics System is an integration of the tools of Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics and of Metabolic Control Theoretics coupled with virtual objectification mathematical constructs of diseases

Humanmimetics Analytics Platform
The Humanmimetics System, a Virtual Humanoid is a continual development of the human physiological systemic dynamics within which context, toxicity of cosmetics, body lotions and side-effect bioactivity of drugs are being analyzed.

Drugs and Pre-Clinical trials Bioactivity Analytics platform
The Drugs Bioactivity and Pre-Clinical Trial System is an integration of the tools of Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics and of Metabolic Control Theoretics coupled with Biochemical Pathway discovery Chemical Thermodynamics.

At the moment, the Platform is adopted for provisioning inhouse computational Services for clients who provide the firm with their data due for analysis.

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