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Admittedly, saying goes: Necessity is the mother of invention. So many ordinary persons think of approaches as solutions to every day tasks that also often qualify as invention. Often these outlier individuals who come up with invention ideas have no money to protect it or to have it developed for licensing; yet the inventions underlying technologies have the potential for being viable and are usually lost without the development.

These ordinary inventors can have the invention underlying technologies still developed for them even when they can not, and by simply submitting the invention idea as advised here.  Associated benefits of this relationship are as listed.

Brokering Inventions
Naturally as a Technology Brokerage Division, the object of the business is always to become a technology licensing broker, so all non directly brokerage activities are ancillary to the object.

Generally an invention idea is submitted following a set of Confidential Guidelines for evaluation of viability for brokerage. The first step of the evaluation is concept validation, and this is achieved with a Computational Concept Validation. Subsequently the applications as suggested by the Inventor of use of the invention are evaluated by Viability Analytics evaluation to ascertain the viability projecting into the economy both in the immediate and in the future.

For inventions determined to be commercial, the inventor is then provided a signed brokering Contract and the invention is transferred for development.

The firm often entertains invention-ideas in the manufacturing industry as concept validation can be readily performed computationally to the end of deciding the adoption qualification o he technology prior to investing funds on the idea 

Invention Development
if found viable then the invention is transferred to an Affiliate R&D laboratory to develop the technology for the benefits of the inventor. The inventor is informed when the development is complete, and the licence application is filed in the country of residence of the inventor at the time the invention was forwarded.

Additional rights as appropriate are transferred to the inventor following the securing of the pertinent IP on the invention

 Brokering Invention Adoption

 Monetizing Your Invention Idea  
Take the first step today towards monetizing you invention idea with this firm: Click link to request confidential guidance on submitting your invention idea:

Send me Confidential Guidance for Submitting my Invention .

Benefits of Aided Invention Monetizing  
Several benefits accrue to the inventor for monetizing the invention with this form and for monetizing the invention in general
  • Prior the Development the inventions continues to remain the property o the inventor, so there is no risk of submission
  • The ip rights and licensing terms are consistent with the US national Laboratories, especially f the Los Alamos Format
  • Although the Computational validation and Viability Analytics computations are quite expensive, the inventor only must prove the confidence in the invention
  • Unlike practices of the industry we assume the full development cost
  • Unlike practices of the industry we assume the Marketing cost of the licensing of the derivative technology
  • By the Brokerage relation the firm manages the Royalty Servicing including the cost of legal actions for recovery of default and arrearages.

Amongst these benefits may be also those that are consequential f the specific contexts of each inventor



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