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As the Division builds up its brokerage services including the Technology IP-Exchange, one mechanism chosen to support the brokering operations is Technology Licence Banking. The object of the Licence Banking is the management on behalf of licensors the monitoring to the extent possible of the use of the related by adopters in the large, the detection of derivative products that constitute IP infringements, and the general protection of the integrity of the IP of the licence.

Licence Banking System
Closed digital system is adopted as the Licence Banking System and as such is accessible only by accountholders. Generally digital exchanges between the system and accountholders are transmitted through either a VPN or SSH channel based on the selected choice of the accountholder at the time of opening the account.

Licence Banking Requirements
For purposes of being effective in executing the services, the Division has established a set of terms, the listing requirements, to be met by the listee prior being listed on the Brokerage Exchanges in which the company offers services.

Technology Banking Account
Accordingly, licensors interested in having the licences of their technologies, patents, trade secrets and otherwise safeguarded in the Licence Banking System are encouraged to open a TBanking Account (vis a vis TBank Account) to become clients of Technology Licence Bank to enable getting the licence listed on the various monitoring operations of the Bank on every TechnologyIP Exchange.

Recognizing that most developers may not know the niceties of the aspects of Intellectual Property listing that can be made, Enhance Knowledge generally takes the time to inform the developer of the scope of available IP underlying the technology, and such process takes quite sometime before the developer feels comfortable with the differences.

Licence Banking Services
Strictly the Division supports its marketing and Sales operations with two key Exchange Platforms through it exposes licensees to the technologies at its Technology Bank. The Division accepts queries for being listed on a Technology Exchange through the company listing services.

Although the company ordinarily performs banking of the licences of technology it has been vested with the Licensor Rights to undertake the licensing of the technology, the firm also encourages the banking by Developers of their Technology Licences with the object of making it accessible for review by prospective licensees as well as adopters. Of the banking of the firms technology are tied to the Technology IP Exchanges so that the list are displayed for viewing through the exchange as well.

TBank & TBanking are brand names of the Enhance Knowledge Technology Licence Bank account.  Copyright May, 2022

TBank Account

Technology BanK Account


Operating TBank Account

open an account

Benefits of TBank Account
Opening a TBank Account proffers the accountholders several benefits including:
  • Monitoring of Direct Infringements of the Licence including royalty payment default
  • Default in Royalty Payments could be taken up with mandate to reset royalty cash-stream
  • Monitoring for Indirect Infringements through Derivative Incorporating into other Technologies
  • Exposure of underlying Technology to our Affiliates for possible discovery of other unanticipated applications having prospects for generating royalty

The, of course, there are yet benefits that need not be publicly stated for the Licensors or that are unique in the case of each licensor





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