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Hackensack, November 21, 2023
Capital Investors Entrepreneurial Brokerage

We are please to observe through Farm-Produce Business, for capital investors comfort, the experiential guidance comprehensiveness -- in the Managed Adopter Venture Brokerage; for founding large corporation from Small and Mid-size Businesses as may be tasked by capital investors on such consignments.

Hackensack, November 16, 2023
Cancer Resource Center Launch

We are pleased to advise that the Cancer Resource Center launch has started; and the proffered services should presently become accessible to the general public.

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Enhance Knowledge, LLC

(also trading with the Trade Mark, EnhKnowTM  --preferably pronounced "enh know") is a Technology Brokerage and Licence Royalty Services firm, engaged in royalty servicing and the technologies brokering.

Technology Brokering Brokerages

The firm currently operates the technology brokering business through a collection of four Brokerages. each of which undertakes the brokering slightly differently.

Brokerages Flagship Businesses

The brokerages while organized to embody various Strategic Business Units, each has started off with a notably significant Flagship Business, as its spring board

Facilitating Famine Prevention
Green Subsistence Farming
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The Brokerages
Brief Video Presentations
Technology Servicing

Licence & Royalty Servicing
Licence & Royalty Servicing
The Brokerage actively solicits technology developers and owners to have the firm, specifically the division, be retained for all services related to licensed technology, whether or not the firm or a Third-party produced the licence, effectively insulating the developer from the aggravations of managing technology licences servicing; and actually performs these services through Technology Banking consisting of continuous monitoring of IP infringements and royalty collection services for developers and owners.

Technology Banking

Technology IPs are generally packaged for banking --having the licences of technologies: patents, trade secrets and otherwise safeguarded in the Licence Banking System, with  a TBanking Account (vis a vis TBank Account) empowering developers and owners into clients of Technology Licence Bank to enable getting the licence listed on the various monitoring operations of the Bank.

Technology Licensing

Licence Brokerage
Technology-Licence Brokerage
The Licence Brokerage actively solicits technology developers and owners to retain the company for Technology Brokerage by which capacity the company acts on behalf of the developer to negotiate and enter licensing agreements with adopters. The division business is the licensing of technologies, and assessing the state of technologies for deciding on the best type of licensing: Direct Licensing, Adoption Brokering, Pool Brokering, or Adopter Brokerage.

Technology Exchanges: EKTecX Platforms

Technology IPs are generally packaged for implementation and licensed to technology adopters through Technology  Exchanges, and the business of these exchanges constitute the Flagship of this Division. IP Licence lists now ready for brokering are routine made available through  the marketplace: EKTecX MarketPlace

Technology Adoption

Adoption Brokerage
Technology Brokerage
The Adoption Brokerage actively collaborates with affiliate  technology research and development companies to further the deployment capacity for technologies within the firms brokerage contract, effectively producing either processes or semi-processes within which a technology is made deployment-ready for adopters, and enters licensing agreements with adopters and royalty servicing; and also  lists invention-ideas underlying Intellectual Property on IP-Exchanges for brokering to adopters.
Invention-Adoption Licensing

Seasoned Developers often are informed on invention ideas development and deployment, however, this option and the required financing are not available to many others. he Flagship Business therefore makes these options  available to everyone through the Inventions Out-Source Development and Licensing service

Technology Diffusion

Adopter-Pool Brokerage
Adoption-Pool Brokerage
The Pool Brokerage avails, data generated with technologies utilized under the mechanism of use-surrogacy of Business Units, to various entity-pools so such entities are able to benefit from the informed state of knowledge proffered by the data whether for investment, research work, or such use as necessary.
Viability Analytics:

The Flagship Business of the Pool brokerage is the Viability Analytics in the conduct of which the firm acts as adopter- surrogate or proxy of Analytics software enabling the computational evaluation of the viability of corporations for the benefit of investors --otherwise the prospective adopters. The industries of activities are determined for prospective Quarter and is defined in the Industries Activities

Technology Deployment
Adopter Brokerage
Adopter Brokerage
The Adopter Brokerage empowers Technology-Developers realize quick dividends, by founding, in essence, the "manufacture" of special Adopter Venture entities to which is licensed the developer technology, of scope being the organizing of a venture, the venture-adoption of the developer technology, emplacement of the Executive Management Team, securing Initial Capitalization from a Venture Investment Business-Entities, and empowering the evolved entity generally attain Enduring Existence including as public company.
Computational Prognostics Oncology

The innovative venture, Computational Prognostics Oncology, currently under founding, is the Flagship Business of the Adopter Brokerage Division through its Adopter Venture group. Likely the first to Go Public places this venture above all the others also being founded. The computational prognostics of cancer aims proffer assist to medical professional engaged in cancer treatment. The business entity, Qualprean, Inc, engaged in the prognostics oncology currently most implements the startup computational operations through time-share digital production facility

Generally Divisions activities on venture founding are listed at Venture in Development

Technology Socializing
Global Brokerage
Global Ventures Brokerage
The Global Adopter Brokerage operations are derivative hybrid operations of the [Technology] Adoption Brokerage and the Technology Adopter-Venture Brokerage, and founds corporations aimed at addressing Global Societal issues. The Global Brokerage brokering as such centers on the founding of PPP, Public Private Partnership formed of an Brokerage and a governmental body to which the Brokerage licenses the appropriate technology. Generally, the technologies have been determined by the developers and owners as without much potential for profit-making but deemed as beneficial to humanity and that so allowed adoption on Global basis that the benefit of the technology be availed to all nations of the World.

Solar Energy Electric Power

Reacting to Climate Change, the Global Brokerage adopts the Flagship Business, Solar Energy Electric Power, towards mitigating the emission volume of greenhouse gases from energy generation with fossil fuels. Developed in modular design, the technology is geared more towards industry use as by individual companies, but can also be bundled together for electric power system



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