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Brokerage Exchange Platforms

As a Technology Licensor, the Division registers in as several Exchanges as enables it to provide superior performance to its listee-clients, and currently participates in the Technology-IP Exchange, and with every expectation of registering to participate in other such similar exchange. Besides the company is always seeking out new boutique exchanges to become registered on for sustained performance.

These Exchange Platforms are managed through the EKTecX | EnhKnow Technology Exchanges under he oversight of the Managed Adopter Ventures. In general searches for the brokerage listed technologies on the exchange are expected to be guided by a technology specification format.

The object of the Exchange is the listing of Developer and Inventors Technologies in the Exchange upon its completion, as well as enable self-registering of prospective investor-entrepreneurs as to be alerted of each new listing - effectively organizing a virtual market between firm as the only initial-supplier and the investors as buyers, and thereby facilitating dynamic procurement-negotiations on Technologies.

Platforms Listing
For purposes of being effective in executing the services, the Division has established a set of terms, the listing requirements, to be met by the listee prior being listed on the Brokerage Exchanges in which the company offers services.

Exchanges Subscription
Accordingly, developers who are interested in having their technologies, patents, trade secrets and otherwise brokered for licensing are encouraged to register to become clients of Enhance Knowledge to get the process of getting the technology listed on the various Exchanges including the TechnologyIP Exchange started.

Listing Services
Strictly the Division supports its marketing and Sales operations with two key Exchange Platforms through it exposes licensees to the technologies at its Technology Bank. The Division accepts queries for being listed on a Technology Exchange through the company listing services.

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