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Ventures in Development

  The following ventures as assigned to this group are currently under development and in various stages of development.

Ventures in development even when promoted through a separate website is still listed here until the venture develops into the Penetration Phase of the Startup Stage and is freed of the management and oversight of this firm

About Venture
Qualprean, Inc

A Computational Prognostics Oncology venture, Qualprean, Inc is an adopter venture that is vested with the technology for performing Oncology computations evaluating the growth and recession of cancers.

Qualprean, Inc is an Adopter Venture and accordingly is planned to be made into a public company, and is in fact in the process of becoming a public company.

Redesigning the oncology services into Products Generations, the company defined three product-lines for its Company Business, which is itself defined as the production, marketing and sales of Diagnostic 3D Image Processing Appliances and 2D Diagnostic Scan- and Prognostic Computed- Images.


Biosynthesis Sequencer Laboratory

A special biotechnology computational research company, the Biosynthesis Sequencer Laboratory (the name may change) performs computation-intensive mechanism and kinetics analysis of biologics synthesis reactions for biological sciences researchers interested in bio-reactions dynamics analyses.

Biosynthesis Sequencer Laboratory is a Managed Adopter Venture being developed on the demand of the Pool Brokerage Division as part of its role as surrogate adopter for the listed prospective beneficiaries of the computed data. Even while still in founding the laboratory is set to provide such support to Qualprean, Inc in its computational prognostic oncology research. Additionally the venture is also due to provide Air Duster Company, the kinetic rate equation for the sizing of the bio-incinerator embodiment


Ventures in Development

BioMedical Ventures

The Broking of a technology through an Adopter Venture, usually is executed

Health Care Ventures

The Broking of a technology through an Adopter Venture, usually is executed

  • Air Duster Company, Inc


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