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 Qualprean, [Inc]
An Adopter Venture of EnhKnow [LLC]

Summary Company Profile
State of Formation: State of Delaware
Year of Formation: 2018/2022

Residency (HQ): New Jersey (proposed)
Year of Inception: 2022 (proposed -follow us)
The full fledged operation should start off upon making manifest the Market Participation essential as be continually listed under the Market Participation Planning.

Investment Fund: CCECT-PT Capital Investment Fund (proposed)
Investors Participation: Only
By Offering Memorandum
Investment Fund Manager
: N/A
Investment Documents Printing
: Okumaye Publishing Co, Inc

Venture Background:
Website: https://qualprean.enhknow (under construction)
Company Business:
The production, marketing and sales of Diagnostic 3D Image Processing Appliances and 2D Diagnostic Scan- and Prognostic Computed- Images.
Company Industry:
Medical Industry with special focus on disease growth dynamics in human body.
Production Technology: Adoption Software:
BioMedic Computations Platform: Diseases Prognostics Analytics
Enabler Technologies: BioSynthesis Reaction-Sequence Computations
  (All technology is licensed through EnhKnow Adoption Brokerage)
Management Contact: Opubo G Benebo,
                                      Executive Chairman,
                                      email: opubob@enhknow.com

About Venture:
A Computational prognostics Oncology venture, Qualprean, [Inc] is an adopter venture that is vested with the technology for performing Oncological computations evaluating the growth and recession of cancers.

Qualprean, [Inc] is an Adopter Venture and accordingly is planned to be made into a public company, and is in fact in the process of becoming a public company.

March 30, 2022
Redesigning the oncology services into Products Generations, the company has designed three product-lines:

  • 3D Image Processing Computer Appliance
  • Diagnostic 2D Image Scanner Appliance
  • 2D Image Computed-Prognostics 


Market Participation Planning
Products: Prognostics Analytics
 >> Cancer Image Processing:
 >> Prognostics Computations
 >> Computed Image processing
 >> Cancer Biosynthesis & Growth
Production Technology
Jan 1, 2021
The Base Technology enabling minimal working production operations has at this time been consigned to EnhKnow for licensing to this firm (Qualprean, Inc) which should position the firm to enter the Startup Stage. Built on the Viability Analytics production Digital Process Factory with augmenting substitutions, the Base Technology is robust and well-tested; yet it is expected to continue to still be tested and improved while in use.


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