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BioSynthesis Reactions & Sequence
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The Computational Facility

Biosynthesis Sequence Computations is provisioned under the Pool Brokerage of a managed Platform licensed to a research facility by an affiliate developer and owner of the technology to support performing the computations.

The firm employs very robust software to supports its Viability Analytics service, currently in launch, acquired from an affiliate-developer under Pool Brokerage Licensing Agreement; packaged in workflow components, the competitive advantages derive from the workhorses: the Data Management and the Viability Analysis components. The software is deployed into a system of Digital Process Production Factory with Job Stations akin to a machines manufacturing factory floor. The process technology interfaces seamlessly with three remote Computational HPC Platforms, including the EquiProc Computational Platform, for the computational analysis of production processes, and can analyze even Biological and BioPharmaceuticals Process ventures that routinely demands use of 5000+ PC-Servers Computation Platform, but can analyze Biofuels Processes that require up 10,000 PC-Servers Platforms.

Data Management Logistics

The Platform, however, sports an extensive Data Management System, DMS, that supports the rest of the processes of the Platform, dynamically fetching data for in-time for computations as required. Further the DMS has a forever active Data Scout that continually searches the Internet for pertinent data, accumulating relevant data that are then stored in any of the twenty plus databases that support the services of the platform.

The biosynthesis of biologics and infectious microbes and viruses continue to be a challenge and subject to changes as several accepted works often lack both reproducibility and repeatability. Biosynthesis Sequence Computations is the computational research for discovering biosynthesis reactions sets and the sequence of occurrences. Constructing the Reactions Sequence is particularly important in Diseases Prognostics, Bioactivity and Drug Efficacy Analysis, Microbes Acculturation and Virus Duplication Mechanism Research.

Bioreactions Mechanism and Kinetics Analyses System
Every cell dynamic involving change occur by cellular reactions sequences, Biochemical Pathways; even cell death, apoptosis, includes trigger mechanisms which are biochemical reactions, and then, of course, bioactivity, the effect of medication in the body as on diseases of all forms also manifest by the ignition and occurrence of reactions. Therefore Cellular Chemical Kinetics of the reactions is essential knowledge in determining the allowable duration for all forms of cellular reactions dynamics. Discovering these reactions, constructing apt descriptive mechanism representations and performing kinetics analysis of the reactions are challenging, and even more so when the basic tools: The relevant sciences; have not been compiled constructively integrated. The BioMedic Computations Platform proffers one stage access point to pertinent resources in their integrated form by which Cellular Reactions Kinetics Analysis is performed in support of microbial and medical research and technologies development of clients.

Computations General Context
Biological Reactions Discovery and Sequence Constructions
is particularly useful in that drug constituent raw materials can be related to its efficacy through the evaluation of the efficacy of the drug component molecules in participation of the target reactions. The services that are offered include:

  • Cell Dynamics Systems
    The Cell Dynamics System is a vast component and an on-going development, and is the component of the platform that as per design specification holds the class objects of every biologic of all cells. The class codes are each an ongoing project to hold all the characteristics ever known of each specific biologic. New class objects are included from public domain and also from dataset provided with new project-contracts are awarded to and performed by the facility. The Cell System is used in the Computations by putting together group of biologics and inducing interactive dynamics on the group and driving the dynamic to a conclusion to obtain a result whether expected or not. The system is also used to explain dynamics that have been observed in Laboratory for a theoretical evaluation of the reproducibility of the observation. Three particular dynamics of interest in this regard are the analyses of replication, apoptosis and anastasis under various environment-specific contexts

  • Metabolic Control Theoretic System
    The chemical environment of the cell can in general be related to the performance objective in terms of the global reaction rate of the pathway, which, of course, has been represented with two reactions function forms using the Method of Reaction Chaining and Kinetics Time-Scale analysis. The Metabolic Control Theoretic System is collection of tools on the BioMedic Computations Platform built of the Principles of Chemical Physics, Metabolic Control Theory and Energized Matter Thermodynamics of Engineering Physics Thermodynamics which is based on a singular interpretation of the founding principles of Steam Thermodynamics. These tools enable the discovery of the initial chemical reactions of cell dynamics initiated by a substance that enters the cell participates, and of the enzyme that catalyzes the initial reaction. The determination of the initial reaction generally aids the construction of the Biochemical Pathways and evaluation of the impact of the chemical substance on the microbes metabolism. In effect, the Metabolic Control Theoretic System is used in constructing cellular reaction sequences of which chemical substances uniquely fed to a cell participates, which aids microbial and medical research on the design of medical drugs, by reflecting prospective effects on specific cellular issues that are targeted with the drug design.



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