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 Licence Status: Licensed
 Restrictions: Exclusive
 License Date: March 2019
 Brokerage Type: Adopter Venture
 Brokerage Link: Qualprean, [Inc]
 Brokerage Options: Not Available

The BioMedic Computations Platform is an integrated computing environment for performing all biology-related: Medical Biology, Microbiology, and Biotechnology, computation tasks. At the core of it is an integrated computing environment of Chemical Engineering Physics and all Biological Sciences. In that respect, the challenges often posed by the Biochemical Kinetics Analysis are extensively and comprehensively supported in platform

Diseases Prognostics Analytics System
One of the enduring challenges of medical research is the prognosis predictive analytics, which has prevailed because the problem forms reaction kinetics controlled Moving Boundary Problem posed on cellular reaction kinetics which requires an extensive degree of quantification for performing the analysis, and in some cases even have diffuse boundaries. The Diseases Prognostic Analytics System is an integration of the tools of Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics and of Metabolic Control Theoretics coupled with virtual objectification mathematical constructs of diseases biochemistry that collectively enables the computational analysis of the growth dynamics of diseases in contexts with or without of drugs administrations.

At the moment, the Platform is adopted for provisioning inhouse computational Services for clients who provide the firm with their data due for analysis.




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