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Licensors of Technologies are generally the developers, and any form of brokerage involves negotiations with the developer owner or licensor. So the starting point is always the registration of the licensor. The privilege of opening and owing a TBank Account is by maintaining a standard of responsibility of supporting the research, monitoring and sleuthing services that is provided for the account.

Opening TBank Account
Generally an account must be opened by a licensor with the submission of a set of information attesting the IP ownership rights or mandate with respect to the Licence. A minimum account services contracting for one year is required and is acknowledge with a contract agreement

Service Fee
The account service fee is $5.00 per month, and may be paid monthly usually by ACF. The company also charges $25 for setup at opening of account and is billed at the end of the month of account setup.

Getting Started:
Fill out the information required in the Registration  below, and follow the guidance given in the response to the Registration request

Requesting TBank Account
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TBank is a brand name of the Enhance Knowledge Technology Licence Bank account



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