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Often undertaken unilaterally, the Brokerage Division organizes a Venture Startup explicitly so as to have brokered to the venture, an Innovative Technology of a developer that faces difficulty in getting licensed for deployment in operating existing companies. These Adopter Venture are for-acquisition organized firms having being formed as a Startup Venture that would be formed by any Startup Entrepreneur and still operating within the Execution Phase of the Startup Stage, but has Capital Market presence having self-Registered as a Public Company.

Venture Development Planning
Being a venture of the firm, the development plan has the business functions of the venture partly embedded within the operations of the firm; in a sense, the firm performs some of the Business functions of the venture. In particular the long-term Business Functions, such as Marketing, Research and Development as well as Accounting Human Resources and related functions are directly performed with the staff of the firm. Therefore, the venture directly performs such business Functions as Sales and Production. The firm may also provides oversight on the Management of the Adopter venture through the Board of Directors

Adopter Ventures Participation

Active Participation Industries

Environmental Chemicals Company

Thin-Wall Process-Equipment Tech Co

Ventures in development even when promoted through a separate website is still listed here until the venture develops into the Penetration Phase of the Startup Stage and is freed of the management and oversight of this firm


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