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Hackensack, NJ Jan 14, 2013
Enhance Knowledge, having finally collected together the essential and critical tools and assets required for operating its Technology Brokerage business, is now finally preparing to open its days in 45 days to technology developers, technology investors, and technology adopter entrepreneurs and companies.

Hackensack, NJ June 4, 2012
Effective this day, the Enhance Knowledge LLC no longer offers Training Workshops in Photobioreactor Design and related Process Design matters. Biological Process Technologies related workshops are offered only to staff members of companies that have licensed such technologies from the Enhance knowledge.

Hackensack, NJ May 16, 2012
The Enhance Knowledge LLC has expanded its services to include Knowledge advancement through the provisioning of support for technologies developments by securing finances for such development. The support however is restricted to only one company with which Enhance Knowledge LLC is an affiliate.

Hackensack, NJ Mar 26, 2012
The Hosting Service of this website was changed on Saturday, March 24, 2012, and as a result some degree of inconvenience at accessing the site may have occurred, and we apologize for that.
The site is now online; however, we are still configuring the SSL but expect full functionality within the next three days - by Fri, Mar 30, 2012.
Thank you one and all for your patience.

Hackensack, NJ Feb 23, 2012
The registration process forms are now all fully functional and prospective attendees of our knowledge Impartation facilities may now be able to register without any difficulty.
Thank you one and all for your patience.

Hackensack, NJ Feb 20, 2012
The company with much regrets announces the cancellation of the February Technology Exchange and Broker Services due to the failure of communication between the Paypal Servers and this website in having payment button images sent to the Registration Forms.

Efforts to resolve the matter are ongoing and there is every expectation that the issue will be resolved for the Technology Exchange and Broker Services set for March, 2012

Hackensack, NJ
EnKnow Company schedules to hold its first ever workshop, Photobioreactors Designs Training, on Jan 24 - 26, 2012


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