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 Affiliate Companies
The company currently supports five affiliations by which it provides Technologies for licensing to adopters
EnhKnow (Trade name of Enhance Knowledge LLC) is a firm fostering primarily the growth of the bioengineering, bionics technologies industries, and secondarily the environmental industries, and effectively organizing into three Business Groups: Technology Pool Brokerage, Technology Adopter Brokerage Group and Technology Adoption Brokerage; and the Administration Division. In scope the company provides Technology Brokering for Patents Licensing, Technology Licensing, and both, and Trade Secrets and combination of Trade secrets and Patents licensing.

Technology Brokerage Business-Group
The Brokerage Business-Groups broker technologies between developers and industrial technology adopters: Registering with several Technology Exchanges through which the company attracts technology adopters and exposes them to the for-license technologies; and consequentially fosters the adoption of mostly Biological Technologies in industries. The company scouts and solicits technology developers and also accepts queries for being listed on a Technology Exchange through the company listing services as well as servicing as the agent for technology brokerage.

The Pool Brokerage Group which is the flagship group of the firm makes available to users the benefits of expensive but one-time use technologies, through self-adoption licensing of technologies with the object of providing proxy-use or pseudo-adoption of the technologies for the "proxy-user" corporations.

The Technology Adopter Brokerage Group licenses technologies to ventures the firm founds resulting in the deployment of innovative technologies of developers in an operating company, which upon maturity are handed over to the owners or made into stock trading public companies.

The Technology Adoption Brokerage Group licenses technologies to adopters (licensee corporations) that deploy the technology in their operations for the sole use with their operations. Such deployment may be by retrofit engineering or as both the base technology and production of the licensee corporation The company also enables the rapid adoption of technology licensing by  provisioning equipment investing, and technology investing programs.

As company builds up its brokerage services including Adoption Venture Acquisition, one mechanism chosen to support the brokering operations is a TechnologyIP Exchange. The object of the exchange is the listing of Adoption Technologies and Adoption Ventures in the Exchange upon its completion, as well as enable self-registering of prospective investor-entrepreneurs as to be alerted of each new listing - effectively organizing a virtual market between firm as the only initial-supplier and the investors as buyers, and thereby facilitating dynamic procurement-negotiations on Adoption Ventures and Technologies.

The Exchange, however, is currently in on-going development, and until completion, the list of Adoptions ventures are as listed in the column to the right

The Management
The management team of the company is purposely kept lean to enable greater access to the clients, and participants for effectively developing all products in compliance with the primary vision and mission of the company.

The organization design has each Business-Group being managed through a Vice President & GM, while the Corporate Operations divisions are each managed through a Vice President, all of whom report to the Managing Director that is essentially the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the firm.

Industries Activities
The firm operates in and addresses several industries at the same time, but always with  more activities in certain industries than others, such differential activities are as guided by the company's Quarterly Assessment of Global Economy and Prevailing Conditions.

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