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EnhKnowTM is the adopted Brand Name and Trade Mark of Enhance Knowledge LLC: New Jersey, US company legally organized in December 2011 as Bioengineering and Bionics Technology Brokerage firm fostering the growth of the Biological Industries by fostering the growth of bioengineering and bionics technologies industry.

The initial tactics of the strategy execution adopted the thrust along the impartation of the underlying knowledge in a manner suitable for adoption within industrial projects. However, early 2013, after about a year of operating along that thrust, the company redesigned its organization into Virtual Business Unit of Workshops Training and brokering of the technology between developers and industrial operations; with former in representation of the original founding goal of technology dissemination by in-training impartation, and the latter for the realization of the founding mission by fostering the technology licensing into  target technologies.

In effect then, EnhKnow LLC is in the business of technology brokerage in which the company provides the services of Technology brokering, Technology Licensor-Proxy, and Licence Royalty Servicing. The operation startup is supported by a group of dedicated Technology Brokerage Listee Clients who have retained the company as the Technology Licence Banker, in a role akin to that of an Investment Banker in public stock offerings, and so serves as the Exclusive Broker for every technology of the Listee Clients. Of course, as the years go by the history of the company has become rich with services and clients seeking the services of the company, which the company also continually refine for the benefit of the clients.

Corporate Organization
Yet, in 2014, the firm reconfigured itself, for enabling the financing of venture-corporations being founded as adopters of the Partners Technologies. As a result, a new operation, Corporate Capital , was started to undertake Merchant Banking and related financial services that  collectively enable the founding of the venture-corporations. In any event, before the close of 2014, it was determined the the firm would be better off focusing on just Technology Brokerage after the Corporations-Group of which it collaborates provided it with a trove of technology data for Technology Brokerage based on the technologies that obtain from the collaborative efforts with the Group-Research and Development Companies. So then, the Corporate Capital operations was subsequently spun off into a standalone firm of itself.

In 2015, the firm then adopted as both Brand name and Trade mark name, EnhKnowTM, and to trade under that name. Further, the firm also reorganized itself into four (4) Technology Brokerage Business-Groups: Bioengineering Technology Brokerage, Bionics technology Brokerage, Adopter Technology Brokerage, Adopter-Venture Brokerage, and a  Technology Consulting. However, through Adopter Technology Brokerage and Adopter-Venture Brokerage, the firm uniquely provides the function of founding adopter-venture for innovative technologies as well as act as Sponsor of Investment Funds that finance the ventures. The Business-groups are supported by the Corporate IT and Administration Divisions.

In provisioning the Technology Brokering service the company maintains staff of Technology Brokers trained to scout prospective adopter industrial entities and to sell the technology adoption advantages to such adopters with the result of enabling a licensing of the technology.

Industries Activities
The firm operates in and addresses several industries at the same time, defining the Industries Activities Context.

 Global Industries Active-In
Aerospace and Defence
Business Services
Engineering & Construction
Food, Beverages & Tobacco
Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
Household Products
Medication & Drug Store
Motor Vehicles and Parts

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