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Enhance Knowledge actively solicits technology developers and owners to retain the company as a Technology banker in which capacity the company lists the underlying Intellectual Property on TechnologyIP Exchange for brokering the related licences
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IP Licence lists now ready for brokering consist of two Patent Licences and one Trade Secret Licence supporting Waste Management and Recovery  process

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Technology IPs are generally packaged for implementation and licensed to technology adopters.

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Licensing Partnerships News
December 2014
The company has just recently been granted access, the Corporations-Group of which it is a member, to a trove of technologies: some have already undergone direct and indirect concept validations and applied, and others still in the concept stage. Through the months the company will catalogue these technologies with the updated applications designs and include them in the Technologies Catalogue.
Enhance Knowledge, also EnhKnowTM (preferably pronounced "enh know") is a Technology Brokerage firm, fostering the growth of the bioengineering and bionics technologies industries. Accordingly, the company proffers corporations and entrepreneurs Technologies Advancement by biotechnologies licensing.
Corporate News and Events
Hackensack, NJ October 27, 2020
In a bid for technology unification, the core of the Viability Analytics software has got abstracted into an Analytics Engine and now built upon to redevelop several of the technologies for both adopter and self- licensing.

Hackensack, NJ May 15, 2020
Negotiations are on-going on the founding of a Managed Adopter Venture with Company Business being the manufacture and Sales of Solar Hydro-Thermoelectric Power Plants for deployment in every community in the world.

Hackensack, NJ April 29, 2020
The firm started Marketing & Sales of its baseline service-product, Corporation Viability Analytics, with sending out its premier product brochure to participants of target markets segments.  Markets Participations are currently engaged on in the Financial industry, and the SMB Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Venture  Investment markets.

Hackensack, NJ January 29, 2020
Today under Pool Brokerage Licensing Agreement, an affiliate-developer consigned to the firm the software, Corporation Viability Analyze, First Edition, to support the firms Corporation Viability Analytics Business, currently in launch. A large scale software, it is packaged in several components; and all considered, the firm is able to perform the Viability Analytics of all corporations irrespective of the industry.

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Industries Activities

Fourth Quarter, Oct. - Dec., 2020
Within our Industries Activities Context, during this active Quarter, under the prevailing CoV-2 pandemic lockdowns and taking guidance from the internal Quarterly Assessment of Global Economy and Prevailing Conditions the industries activities should most concentrate in Engineering and Constructions, Healthcare, [Specialty] Chemicals.

Engineering and Constructions
Mostly the company focus is on the impact of the pandemic on the Engineering and Construction Industry with respect to still gaining large scale construction projects in the context of changing needs for chemicals and biochemicals.
Higher than usual activities occur in the healthcare Industry as the firm engages more with companies in the BioPharmaceuticals products, and Specialty Chemicals for the medical operations.
The relatively more activities of the firm in the Chemical Industry occur because of the interest in companies in the Specialty Chemicals for the medical need, and in the role of chemical companies expansion plans on the Engineering and construction Industry.
Technology Licensing
Adopter Brokerage
Adopter Venture Brokerage
Enhance Knowledge LLC facilitates Technologies of Developers yield quick dividends, by creating special Adopter entities that is, in essence, the "manufacture" of an adopter venture to which is licensed the developer technology, through the performing of such tasks as the organizing of a venture-corporation, licensing of the developer technology to the venture corporation, hiring of the Executive Management Team, securing Initial Capitalization through a Venture Investment Banking firm, and finally taking the corporation public to make stocks offering to raise more capital for its founding.
Adopter Venture Licensing
Environmental Chemical Company
December 21, 2017
Enhance Knowledge LLC adds to its  Adopter Venture Brokerage catalogue, the environmental and chemical industry company, Environmental Chemical Company, with licensing Pollutants Chemicals Extraction Process and Dense-gas Process  Technology ... more info here

Edgewick BioPharmaceuticals
December 20, 2017
Enhance Knowledge LLC starts off its  Adopter Venture Brokerage, with the first such company, Edgewick Biopharmaceuticals (Edgewick Corp), with licensing Microbial Biologics Process Technology ... more info here

EnhKnow Gas Company
December 11, 2017
Enhance Knowledge LLC starts off its  Adopter Managed Venture Brokerage, with the first such company, EnhKnow Gas Company, licensing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Extraction Process Technology that extracts atmospheric carbon dioxide ... more info here

Algal Oil Technology Development Plan
May, 2015
Enhance Knowledge will formally organize as well as contract the research and development of technologies for adoption in the Biofuel Industry due to close in the month of July 2015. The first set of technologies is for the production of Algal Oil of complex chemical compositions. (Adopted in EnhKnow Lipids and Starch Company)

Biotic Recovery Technology Licence
December 2014
Enhance Knowledge is currently finalizing the licensing of Biotic Wastes Recovery Technology to a Startup venture that will be producing valuable Biotic Chemicals as raw materials for such companies in the Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries...more info here. (Adopted in Edgewick Corporation)

Development Update News
March 27, 2015
The Technology equipment sizing for assessing profitability-Production Volume has been completed, and the related Adopter Services have been initiated.
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