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 Edgewick Corporation
An Adopter Venture of EnhKnow LLC

Summary Company Profile
Website: http://
Residency (HQ): Elmwood Park, New Jersey (proposed)
State of Formation: State of NJ (for reincorporation in DE, USA)
Year of Formation: 2013
Year of Inception: 2020 (proposed -follow us)
Management Contact: Opubo G Benebo (opubob@enhknow.com)

Company Business: Research and Development, Production, and Marketing and Sales of BioPharmaceuticals of microbial biologics
Company Industry: BioPharmaceuticals

Investment Fund: CCECT-PT Capital Investment Fund (proposed)
Participation Program:
Offer by Fund Participation Only (Acquisition: Open Negotiation)
Investment Fund Manager
: N/A
Investment Documents Printing
: Okumaye Publishing Co, Inc

Base Technology: Biotic Waste HydroDigesterProcess Technology
                            Microbial Biologics Process Technology
Pilot Plant Developer/Optimizer: Aningba R&D Companies.

Management Software Vendor: Induss SoftWerks, LLC


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