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 Licence Status: Licensed
 Restrictions: Exclusive
 License Date:  January 2021
 Brokerage Type: Adopter Managed  Venture
 Brokerage Link: Aningba Technology Development
 Brokerage Options: Not Available

The EquiProc Computational Platform is an integrated computing environment for performing the computational design of Engineering equipment and devices, and Machines Designs as well as Process Engineering whether Manufacturing Chemical or Biological. At the core of it is an integrated computing environment of Chemical Engineering Physics and all Biological Engineering Sciences, and Machine Dynamics. In that respect, the challenges often posed by the computation-intensive engineering designs are readily performed on this platform.

Process-Equipment Computed Design
Small process equipment designs for the Bench Scale Model and Pilot Plant Scale  construction tends to involve numerous changes which also consumes quite a bit of the time of the venture developers. However, having a go to firm, as EnhKnow, that already has all the off-the-shell process equipment computational design software certain quicken the pace of development as the sizing of equipment are readily done in hours instead of days which the process of gathering design data and the development of computer programs will require. Besides for those ventures where there are not enough design engineers, such have to be hired at yet again with increases to the venture development cost. This is even more so with the Biotechnology Industry where the design of the initial Bioreactor System is not so simple in view of the scarcity of Biochemical Kinetics rate equations for the computational design. Moreover, for venture that are at the inception stages, and small scale bioreactor are best suited for the Bench Scale Model,
Biochemical Kinetics rate equations, however, are readily constructed with the id of the BioMedic Computations Platform which is available and used for such microbial and biological analyses tasks. The bioreactor system computational design tools now available enables the provisioning of such services for Bench Scale Model System, Pilot Plant Design system and Commercial Scale Plant Design System.

Process Technology Computed-Designs
Of course, this highly proprietary task of venture development that is often protected with Trade Secrets requires provisioning only by firms that are not competitors of the venture under development which is the case in the use of this service here.

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