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The biosynthesis of biologics and infectious microbes and viruses continue to be a challenge and subject to changes as several accepted works often lack both reproducibility and repeatability. Biosynthesis Sequence Computations is the computational research for discovering biosynthesis reactions sets and the sequence of occurrences and the cellular reactions pathways and network of which the reaction set participates, as well as the role of environment substances in such reactions as to perform related metabolic control analyses of any substance.

Constructing the Reactions Sequence is particularly important in Diseases Prognostics, Bioactivity and Drug Efficacy Analysis, Microbes Acculturation and Virus Duplication Mechanism Research. Biological Reactions Discovery and Sequence Constructions are particularly useful in that drug constituent raw materials can be related to its efficacy through the evaluation of the efficacy of the drug component molecules in participation of the target reactions.

Bioreactions Mechanism and Kinetics Analyses System
Every cell dynamic involving change occur by cellular reactions sequences, Biochemical Pathways; even cell death, apoptosis, includes trigger mechanisms which are biochemical reactions, and then, of course, bioactivity, the effect of medication in the body as on diseases of all forms also manifest by the ignition and occurrence of reactions. Therefore Cellular Chemical Kinetics of the reactions is essential knowledge in determining the allowable duration for all forms of cellular reactions dynamics. Discovering these reactions, constructing apt descriptive mechanism representations and performing kinetics analysis of the reactions are challenging, and even more so when the basic tools: The relevant sciences; have not been compiled constructively integrated.

Computations General Context
The kinetics BioMedic Computations Platform proffers one stage access point to pertinent resources in their integrated form by which Cellular Reactions Kinetics Analysis is performed in support of microbial and medical research and technologies development of clients.

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