This Business Unit, EnhKnow Founder Workshops, produces management and executive staffs of the mindset of the firms approach to Corporation Founding that ensures success of venture development.

The online workshops are available to the general public for Online Self-Education as the topics generally have broad spectrum, drawing from several contents and proffer project-like specific trainings, empowering practitioners to undertake immediate applications.

We are also particularly committed to developing young entrepreneurs from the early age of high school through STEM training in which technologies development approaches are taught and the founding of corporations on technologies are highlighted.

The Founder Workshops are the joint-venture of the firm and Okumaye Publishing Co. through which certain contents of books published by Okumaye Publishing Co are repackaged and presented, and, of course, are available 24/7 to meet the day-hours access of every part of the World. All books used in the Workshop are published by Okumaye Publishing Co, Inc