Level III: Founder Workshop
Startup Specialist- and Co- Founder Workshop

The Workshop Training is available to the Public at Large, and anyone interested in learning our approach to Venture StartUp inception towards Corporation Founding may undertake the Workshop Training. However, the workshops are developed primarily to train our executives for taking on management role in our technology adopter ventures, with the object of the managers having a thought pattern that is aligned with our general posture towards the Start-Up Stage.

So employment of managers, to become a member of the Management Teams of any of our Adopter Ventures, is often made from the pool of persons who have successfully undertaken this Workshop Training and applies for the position. However, successfully undertaking the Workshop Training also is no guarantee of becoming employed into any Management Team

The Workshops Series presents the analyses of various aspects of Startup Ventures Startup Planning, the results of which are of interest to investors but are just as important to entrepreneur because of insights into venture survival dynamics that the analyses proffer. The analyses always provide data necessary to assert the viability of the venture to investors as well as to the entrepreneur as a guide in the construction of the venture for the goals of acquiring Enduring Existence.

Workshop Training

The Workshops are organized in reflection of the Development Phases: Starting Phase, Execution Phase, and Penetration Phase; of the Startup Stage that the participant may have a keen sense of the development stage of the venture as various tasks are completed.

Finally, the venture must be launched, on the technology developed from the idea, to undertake Market Participation in the target market gap using the means of funding decided upon for the financing; and the failure and success of the efforts and expenses so far incurred must be assumed by one person, the Project Owner or Founder -- either the original owner of the idea and its developer into technology, or another person with prior experience in managing venture Startups. All is of course called Startup Specialist or by some moniker reflecting some enlightenment in the launching inception operations of ventures at the Startup Stage.

Founding a venture into a corporation of course is difficult, to say the least. The operations is necessarily determined by the Data Flow Diagram constructed during the Embryonic Stage when the idea was being made manifest, and is well-documented in that referential Business Plan. So it begins, the Specialists must support the daily performing of the activities embedded in the Data Flow Diagram subject to the stipulations of the Governance Documents, The Bylaws, The Partnership Agreement, or what-have-you.

The key personnel necessary to support the launching of the venture is often extracted from the Data Flow and the collection together with the Startup Specialist becomes the Founding Team - Project Owner and Key personnel. So the Specialist begins by seeking to hire personnel of like mind or in fact of kindred spirits at undertaking monumental challenges; for indeed, starting a venture is a monumental challenge.

Approach to protecting one's self from law suits in the future of cofounders and incompetent staffs and idea claimers. Funding Methods is another challenging and various methods used and so validated in the approaches to using Regulations for funding, Friends and Family, Cashcow projects

Approach to protecting the competitiveness of the venture by unscrupulous sheep in wolves clothing seeking employment in the company

Even with the techniques of Market Entry as developed as consequence of experience, managing the market to a size that support viable growth is also demanding. This particular issue which by and large is a case of creating competitive advantage demands well-planned competitive tactics defined through the venture corporate strategy.

Training Contents
The Workshop consists of ten files of well chosen knowledge information geared towards intellectually empowering the trainee to become conversant with the needs and quirks of corporations founding.

Training Content Scope

 File No. STARTING PHASE Contents Summary
1 Project Ownership Assumption
2 Venture Development Inception
3 Developing Production Methods & Processes
4 Marketing Startup
5 Evolving the Organization Structure
6 Growth Plan Implementation
7 Growth Tactics Implementation
8 Tracking & Making Sales Projections
9 Implementing Accounting System
10 Founder's Venture-Specificity
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