Level II: Founder Workshop
Entrepreneur Founder Workshops

The Entrepreneur Embryonic-Workshops has the object of developing entrepreneurial orientation in creative individuals, through teaching the basis of venture development and the relevance of Embryonic Stage in the Ventures Development Planning, and accordingly presents various technologies and the use of such technologies for Venture Startup and  invariably for Corporation Founding.

Yet, the workshop's primary objects are two fold: Inform developers on the format of submitting Computed Validation Results of technologies for licensing through the firm, Inform would-be Adopter Brokerage Participations of the venture development mindset by which the firm manages Adoption Ventures.

Workshop Training

After the low level assessment of an idea always comes the hard-work of more in-depth and advanced calculations. While simple study of the algebra of the functions descriptive of the idea prior may be insightful, the more thorough assessment of the idea at relatively more advanced level is often requires and such entails the study of the functions as mathematical object for calculus.

Further, more structured drawings of the idea with the aim of better evaluation of material needs and manufacturing demands now brings into focus such considerations as 3D Modeling and CAD and laborious Engineering Drawings. So the entrepreneur now engages on more time consuming and expensive work aimed at making manifest the idea for a proof of concept. So being well grounded in the producing of engineering drawings whether by mechanical means or by hand is a worthwhile knowledge every entrepreneur needs and is somewhat touched upon in these Workshops

Naturally some idea manifestation by fabrication of equipment or devices must derive from the engineering drawing. These drawings necessarily informs on the demand on parts fabrications, components assembly and hence material selections as well as reveals the presence and expanse of the supply chain inherent in the production operations of the derivative product of the idea.

Even so that is usually not enough to establish the commercial of the idea. That quest comes from a complex evaluation of discovery of market gap of the potential markets of commercial together with the analysis of the market gap to elicit its viability conducive to Market Participation either as of an existing market or the development of a new market usually referred to a case of Blue Ocean.

The features conducive to Market Participation as assessed is not trivial by any imagination. Of particular consideration is the maturity constraints on a venture and consequentially the managing of the venture into an corporation of enduring existence successfully. Besides for entrepreneur who may need financing from banks and investors, the understanding of this maturity constraints is crucial to eliciting to the funding sources of prospective effectiveness of the venture development plan as well as the operational proposed Exit Strategy.

To some extent the effectiveness of the venture development plan rests on the Data Flow within the corporations and that must be addressed, immediately following the evaluation of the capacity for Market Participation. The degree of streamlining of the operations is important to the optimal use of the financial resources available or may be available to the entrepreneur as so elicits financial savvy in the development plan. So then the idea manifestation must engage in the considerations of construction of the state of commerce applicable to the idea.

The thorough analyses as delineated here are often ignored but should not be, and these Workshops both elicit the significances of the considerations as well as trains the prospective founder on the paths to successful engagement in venture development. Rationally, of course, these consideration are captured in a Business Plan, and so the entrepreneur should write a Business Plan at this stage of the mental development of the venture, and not so much because it will be followed but more because it serves as a reference of captured thoughts and informs on the various rethinking of the venture over the duration of the development

Yet in the significances of the considerations of the tasks so far addressed lies the motivation for the development of the technology of the idea, and the critical essential guidance offered by the Levels of Technology from which the venture must begin

Training Contents
The Workshop consists of ten files of well chosen knowledge information geared towards intellectually empowering the trainee to become conversant with the needs and quirks of corporations founding.

Training Content Scope

 File No. Contents Summary
1 Guidance by Technology Validation
2 Forward Marketing
3 Backward Marketing: Focus Group Marketing
4 Growth Planning
5 Basic Guiding Financial Graphs
6 Evolving into Management
7 Planning Corporate Operations
8 Business Forecasting
9 Financial Forecasting
10 Developing Business Plan
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