Level I: Founder Workshop
Embryonic STEM Founder Workshops

The Embryonic STEM Founder Workshops has the object of training entrepreneurial orientation in early stage of creative concepts development. The workshops expose the basis of venture development and the relevance of STEM thinking in the founding of ventures, and accordingly presents STEM thinking approaches,  eliciting the role of STEM in foundational technologies and the venture development of a typical corporation based on the technologies.

The Workshops presents the role of technology in the founding of corporations, the stages of the venture development path and the importance of STEM in the development of technologies and hence the entrepreneurship. The role of STEM in the technology development stage, Embryonic Stage, of the founding path is then explained and so validated for the need for participating in the STEM programs and for the presentations of the Workshop.

Workshop Training

Ideation is often not well understood and this training often ignored but is critical to the development of innovative thinking or downright creativity.

The validation of concepts should not require the building of expensive prototypes but rather by simple calculations. Such calculation requires the flexibility of mind to understand the interplay between science, engineering and mathematical evaluations to assess the technology inherent in the idea. This interplay rests on the same foundation as the program viewed as STEM teaching.

Being simple and suitable for hand calculations and mental calculations is important for the purposes of making quick informed decision on the worth of a concept. So a low level calculation process or mindset need be developed by the entrepreneur and this training aims to showcase the use of low level calculation and such uses in evaluating the worth of an idea and even the market gap that such an idea may address.

While this training may be geared at the well formed entrepreneur, the contents and approach to learning such methods of evaluation are just as well suited to the young person, say, a high school junior, senior or graduate in framing the mind to thinking in a particular way that is both analytical and curious and hence inventive.

Despite the criticality of this training of low level assessment of innovative idea, Even so the training are such as to be accessible in having the training be limited to free hand drawings, simple measurements of dimensions and the algebra of numbers and simple functions.

The use of simple functions Algebra necessarily suggests graphical Analysis of the functions and though such can be performed with tedious hand-staking work, some are faster down with computer programming of the functions and the desired analyses. In this sense the choice of a programming language is worth addressing, and in this training python is chosen for its ease of learning and intuitive Data Structures and also the vast library of modules available for use.

Effectively, for making concrete the essence of these workshops the training teaches ideation, not in the abstract as is natural to the inventive mind, but in relation to well documented technologies for referential focus, and then discusses the science, engineering, relevant mathematics and finally the production means, and so satisfies the essential training quality of STEM programs.

Training Contents
The Workshop consists of ten files of well chosen knowledge information geared towards intellectually empowering the trainee to become conversant with the needs and quirks of corporations founding.

Training Content Scope

 File No. Contents Summary
1 Ideating Solutions
2 Solution-Idea Science
3 Thinking Technology
4 Technology Engineering
5 Technology Algebraic Math
6 Thinking Solution Products
7 Thinking Product Buyers
8 Crafting Technology
9 Starting Business
10  Founder's Ideation-Specificity
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