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Corporation Viability Analytics
Startup Venture ROI Viability  Analytics




Startup Venture ROI
Viability Analytics Scope

The scope of the Corporation Viability Analytics that includes:

  • Market Participation-Viability Analytics
  • Business Viability Analytics,
  • Entity Viability Analytics
  • Financial Assets Viability Analytics

together with the two optional highly specialized services:

  • Viability Stability Analytics
  • Growth-Energetics  Viability Analytics

Service Procurement:
The service is contracted with placement in an Escrow Account an agreed upon deposit motivating inception of work, followed providing access to all the requisite data.

Performance Time:
The time-span for the completing the analysis and submitting the deliverable to a client is set at about one week.
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Computed result of the viability analysis is generally delivered to the client in the form of a
Bound Paper-Back  Report as below: Contents of which are defined by the Scope as listed and delineated in Analytics Products.

Startup Venture Viability
Generally, venture development is undertaken with the object of realizing large returns on investment. Yet not every venture development results in a successful evolution of the venture into enduring existence from which is realized that expected ROI. The failure rate is quite of interest as even Venture Capitalists invariably realize only thirty percent (30%) success rate. Clearly a major challenge of making informed investing in a Startup Venture is ascertaining the viability of the venture before investing. Ordinarily entrepreneurs perform venture viability analysis by the ad hoc use of Break-Even Analysis. Such ad hoc determination venture viability inadvertently embody omissions of critical factors that invariably impact the reliability of  the viability analysis. Equally, significantly, most Startup ventures are often not skilled in Market Participation Planning, a critical aspect of business survival guide, and in organization design for financing alignment for ventures that must know the Critical Mass resources for inception. Such context makes it impossible for the venture to accurately determine the total amount of funds required for the venture to evolve into enduring existence, and the lack of this data poses risks of loss of capital to the early stage investments, should the venture not be able to raise necessary funds to keep growing.

Analysis and Scope
The firm performs Startup Ventures viability analysis constructing prospective production system based in Marketing Planning, and uses its proprietary software, Corporations Viability Analyze, deployed into a Digital Process Factory at significantly fast enough pace to generate the analytics of the venture, as is delineated.

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