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Corporation Viability Analytics
Debt Default Redemption Viability




Debt-Default Redemption
 Viability Analytics Scope

The scope of the Corporation Viability Analytics that includes:

  • Participation-Bankruptcy Forensics
  • Marketing Participation-Viability Analytics
  • Business Viability Analytics,
  • Entity Viability Analytics
  • Financial Assets Viability Analytics

together with the two optional highly specialized services:

  • Viability Stability Analytics
  • Growth-Energetics  Viability Analytics
Service Procurement:
The Analytics service is routinely performed for IPO-companies when the company begins its Road Show. The Analytics Data so generate are available as Industry Activity data.

Computed result of the viability analysis is generally delivered to the client in the form of a
Bound Paper-Back  Report as below: Contents of which are defined by the Scope as listed and delineated in Analytics Products.

Debt Default Viability Analysis
Corporations at all stages of evolution often raise Capital as the proceeds of issuance of debt instruments in the Capital Markets which usually have set redemption dates several years into the future. Severe and persistent financial shortfall in the revenue generation of some such corporations results in the defaulting on redemption of bonds. Upon such default the consideration then becomes of two folds. One consideration is whether the corporation will be able to make the redemption at some appropriate time in the future. The other consideration is whether the corporation is in eminent jeopardy of filing for bankruptcy protection. So advance advisory of such potential failure for redemption allows for informed alternative investment decisions.

Analysis and Scope
The circumstances resulting in redemption default are often derive from one of two performance constraints: The first constraints derive almost exclusively from a degradation over time of the Market Allocation of the corporation, The second constraints is usually a consequence of lack of Production Volume Stability. Any resolution of the default condition prevailing therefore must address both these conditions. The firm uses its proprietary software, Corporations Viability Analyze, for perfuming the analysis at a significantly fast enough pace to enable the emergence of a corporation in the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

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