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 BioTechnology Data Mining


Technology Data Mining, is a Business Unit of the Pool brokerage division of the firm, which provisions collated scientific data to clients and customers curled from public domain search and collation of the properties, and the computations of missing properties in augmentation of  the data characterization.

Development of biotechnologies whether of engineering design, biological research and medical biology computations entails the use of biological data of both critical and complex nature, the acquisitions of which are usually tedious whether such acquisition process is empirical or computational. The BioTechnology Data Computations gives pool technology base for the services of Biomedic analytics corporations founded on the BioMedic Computations Platforms by performing and collation extensive data

Current Active Data Mining: Healthcare-Informed Computed Data
Virus Replication Computations...
Corona Virus Infection Spread
Corona Virus In-cell Replication Rates
mRNA Vaccines Immunity-generating Assessment
Corona Virus Infection Natural-Immunity-generating Mechanism
Diseases Prognostics Data...
Bioreactions Ignition Analysis
Drug Efficacy Data...
Diseases Treatment Drugs Metabolism
Drug-driven Corona Virus mRNA Deactivation

BioTechnology Data Mining

 Diseases Prognostics Data
 Virus Duplication Compilations
 Microbes Acculturation Data
 Bioactivity Compilations
 Drug Efficacy Data
Data Supply Services
The data products are routinely generated for use by various professionals including
  • Medical doctors
  • Medical Researchers
  • Virologists
  • Epidemiologists
  • Immunologists
  • Bioengineers
  • Microbiologists
  • Biochemists

and also in various Biological computational efforts by companies including:
EnhKnow Viability Analytics (Production Analytics)
Qualprean, Inc
Biosynthesis Computing Centre

Data Publishing
The data products are partially made available to the industry as compiled data reference sources for publishing through Okumaye Publishing Co, Inc

Data Mining-Computing Facility
BioTechnology Data computing is provisioned under the Pool Brokerage of self-licensing of the EquiProc Computations Platform of affiliate developer and owner of the technology to support performing the computations. The system sports an extensive Data Management System, DMS, that supports the rest of the processes of the Platform, dynamically fetching data for in-time for computations as required.
The data mining system sports a dynamic Data Management System, DMS, that supports a forever active Data Scout that continually searches the Internet for pertinent data, accumulating relevant data that are then extensively analyzed through an Analytics Engine and stored in the databases that support the services of the platform.



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