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Often technologies listed by different Technology Developers complement each other, and work together. In those cases, Enhance Knowledge LLC upon making such assessments generate integrated copies of the Technology Analysis Reports in an effort to provide a panoramic view of the adoption landscape of the technology set.

The idea is to elicit to the prospective adopter the comprehensive benefit intrinsic in such combined adoption of technologies from diverse developers, to the end of optimal operation by a licensee.

The integration of the reports for the purposes of eliciting combined technologies benefits is undertaken in two formats: Bound Technology Reports, Technology Analysis Publications; in which the Bound Technology Reports obtain from the combination of technology reports of diverse developers and the Technology Analysis Publications are often from single developer sources - when the technologies have have listed with the company at different times.

Interested technology adopters and prospective licensee may view the integrated reports of listed technologies:

Technology Reports Publications
Bound Technology Reports
Technology Analysis Publications
As matter of more utilization by prospective customers, we produce the materials in both print and digital formats, and more specifically the digital format are produced as e-documents.

All the same, the integrated reports publications are provided through the Technology Brokers of the company during one of their many sales visits with the prospective adopter-clients.



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